The Lovers of Cealg by Serjio Castrellon

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Rogue Theater Festival

Drama/ 11 characters (doubling is recommended), 6 female, 5 male characters/ Full-length

Synopsis: Charming, up-and-coming actor Ted Cealg is about to hit it big; he’s the star of the new movie The Jester’s Plight. But when three former lovers come forward with stories about their relationship with Ted and how he left a scar for each of them to carry, he begins to face the consequences of his past. Ted’s pride becomes his armour against remorse during an era where accountability is demanded of all of us.

As Ted’s team of Hollywood agents tries to mitigate the scandals coming his way, he’ll need to confront his past and accept accountability for his nefarious past. Otherwise, he’ll lose everything he has worked for.

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Serjio Castrellon
Ph: (626) 201-5763

About the Playwright:¬†Serjio Castrellon studied theatre at Pasadena City College, where he acted in productions of “The Adding Machine” and “She Kills Monsters,” among others. Under Professor Robert Knight, he also began to learn how to craft stories for the theatre. His one-act play “The Waiting Room” was performed at the Lineage Performance Arts Center in Pasadena in 2018, as part of the SLAE Festival.

Serjio is also a screenwriter, stand-up comic, and public speaker. “The Lovers of Cealg” is his first full-length play.

The Lovers of Cealg was first presented in a streaming production as part of the Rogue Theater Festival, New York City, in July, 2022.