By Playwright

William Anderson
When the Stars are Right

D.T. Arcieri
The Play About the Menu
at Simon’s Coffee Shop

Saint Thea: A One-Act Play
In Two Acts

Kevin Barry
In Rebel Country

Track & Field

Bob Barton
A Night in the Kremlin

David Belke
The Science of

Ten Times Two

That Darn Plot!

Bernard Besserglik
A Night in the Kremlin

Gary L. Blackwood
The Count of One

Dark Horse


The Goose Girl

Two Hours in a Madhouse

Nicholas Bompart

Julia Britton
Hello, Last Page Of My Life!

Into the Clouds

A Singular Man

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime

The Lost

Douglas Bowes
The Brementown Musicians

Broken Gopher Ink

My Heart and the Real

William Allen Brooks
Assignment: Impossible

Hope & Fury

Roger Butterley
A Christmas Carol

Giuseppe Cafiero
James Joyce and
the Witches’ Sabbath

Ken Cameron
My One and Only

Charles Carr
The Dangerous Christmas

Serjio Castrellon
The Lovers of Cealg

John Chambers
Albert Finney Doesn’t Live
Here Anymore

Book of Days

In the Nature of Things

Jacked Off

Kipling’s Jungle Book Stories

Little Ms Loony

Robin Hood &
The Raven’s Revenge

Silver Lining

Small’s World

Stiff Stuff

The Three Musketeers

Two Wheel Tricycle

David W. Christner
Red Hot Mamas

This Blood’s For You

Carole Clement
Babes in America

Michael Colby
Delphi or Bust

Ludlow Ladd

North Atlantic

Slay It With Music

Tales of Tinseltown

Sara Crawford
The Spins

Luis Miguel González

La Negra (The Negress)

Daniel Curzon
Christmas Naughty and

Godot Arrives

Sean Dawes
The Billabong Circus

Elizabeth DeVolder

Jonathan Dorf
Beef Junkies

From Shakespeare With

Milk and Cookies


Play’s End

War of the Buttons*

The White Pages

Yard Wars

William Missouri Downs
Nights at the Round Table

David Earle

Julia Edwards

G. Scott Eldredge
Second Sight

James Fradrich
North Atlantic

Lucas Foss
Little Voices


George Freek
Becoming Strangers

The Cellar

For Left Handed Piano With

She’s Really Trying

Miriam Gallagher
Just Desserts (a triple bill):
Easter Eggs
Lemon Soufflé



C.E. Gatchalian

Rob George
Errol Flynn’s Great
Big Adventure Book for Boys

Percy and Rose

Antonio Gradanti

David M. Graham
And the Stones Will
Cry Out

Diane Grant
A Dog’s Life

Has Anybody Here Seen Roy?

Sunday Dinner

Ron Grant
Cafe Hollywood

The Cuckoo’s Nest Casino

Elvis Did It

Bruce Guelden
The Great American Western

Josepha Gutelius
Miracle Mile

Veronica Cory

Peter Harrison
Odd Job Man

Zoe Henderson
The Not-So-Secret Life of
Rowena Riddle (Superhero)

Donna Hoke
Christmas 2.0

The Couple Next Door

Elevator Girl

Finding Neil Patrick Harris

Flowers in the Desert

On The Roof


Sons & Lovers

The Way It Is

Bob Jensenius
Moosebreath, Maine

Arthur M. Jolly
The Christmas Princess

Jonathan Joy
American Standard

Simply Selma

Paul Katz
Slay It With Music

Tales of Tinseltown

Katherine Koller


Valentin Krasnogorov
The Cruel Lesson

The Dog

The Fall of Don Juan

Let’s Have Sex!

Premiere After-Party

Rachel Rubin Ladutke
Grace Notes

Belles of the Mill

Steve Lambert
Happy Happy Happy

Christiane D. Leach

Mattie Lennon
And All His Songs Were Sad

A Wolf by the Ears

Peter Linka
Arthur and Paul

David Lohrey
12½ Full-Lengths


Jigsaw Confession

Peace of Mind

Sex Talk(s) (a triple bill):
One, Two, Three
In a Newark Minute
Sperm Counts

Jean Mann
The Billabong Circus

The Clean Airy Fairy

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Julie Marino
Cathexis . . . or is it
something else?

Welcome to Paradise

Gerald Jay Markoe
Delphi or Bust

Ludlow Ladd

Jill Marshall-Work
Belles of the Mill

Conni Massing
Oh! Christmas Tree

The Myth of Summer

Frank Moher
All I Ever Wanted

Big Baby

Kidnapping the Bride

McLuhan: The Musical


Odd Jobs

Run in Fields

Supreme Dream

The Third Ascent

Tolstoy’s Wife


Henry D. Murray
The Hearing Trumpet

Tracey Knight Narang
To Each Their Own

Dan Noonan
Out Among The Dragons

Joanna Alexandra Norland

Mothers Have Nine Lives

Lizzy, Darcy and Jane

Virgin on Exile

Hal Parrott

Gordon Pengilly


Sandra Perlman
In Search of Red River Dog


Zsolt Pozsgai
Arthur and Paul

Bertha and Bertman

Gina and Fidel

Liselotte in May

The Virgin and the Beast

Gerald Reid
McLuhan: The Musical

Jim Reyland

Maria Rio
Dear Miss Ophelia

Kenneth Robbins
The Audition

The Dallas File

In Silence


Fred Rohan Vargas

Fly a Kite

Tide Beyond the Rift


Tossed Salad


Gary Earl Ross
The Best Woman

The Guns of Christmas

The Mark of Cain

Matter of Intent

Murder Squared

Picture Perfect

The Scavenger’s Daughter

The Trial of Trayvon Martin

Alan Rossett
Cat As Cat Can

Girl at her Mirror

The Goodies

How It Happened

Multiple Choice

Mark Scrivener
The Fox’s Reward

Nail Broth

The Seven Foolish Fishers

The Tiger, the Brahman, and the Jackal

The Wind and the Sun (from Aesop)

Sean Slater
The Business Lunch

Don’t Touch Me With Your Right Hand


Jason Sherbundy
Jack and the Beanstalk

Ed Shockley
Nobody’s Listening

A Stranger on the Bus

Tom Smith
A Christmas Carol


Johnny and Sally Ann

What Comes Around …

J.R. Spaulding Jr.
Wall: A Product of Resourcefulness and Efficiency in America’s Never-Ending Battle for Absolute Supremacy and General All-Around Kick-Assedness

Eugene Stickland
All Clear


Linda Stockham
Divorce Sale

The Great Algonquin

Perfect World

M. Stefan Strozier
Guns, Shackles & Wintercoats

The Whales

Shari and Jerry Tallon
Dinosaur Rock

Jonathan Talmadge
The Weavers

Jules Tasca
The Balkan Women

Dan Taube
Monster Girl

Marcy Telles
The Brementown Musicians

Jack and the Beanstalk

Paul Thain
Black Widow

Monkey Dance Honeymoon

Papa Panov’s Magic Christmas

Stone Soup

Evdokimos Tsolakidis


A Weekend in Logatec

Rhonda Trodd
Supreme Dream

Our Lady of Stone

You Can’t Get Uptown
on the Downtown Train

Philip C. Wagner

Murder at the Empress

Shelf Life

Norman Weinstein
Arthur of the Little Round Table

Eric G. Westerlund
Close to Home

La-Tonia Denise Willis

Michael G. Wilmot
Buying the Moose

No Tell Motel

7-10 Split

Lee Wilson
The Valiant
Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Lou Anne Wright
Nights at the Round Table