A Wolf By The Ears by Mattie Lennon

Drama/ 6 Characters, 5 Men, 1 Woman/ One Act (20 minutes)

Synopsis: Hughie Doherty is a young Irish farmer who makes up doggerel as a pastime. Those who don’t know any better call him a poet. He gets into conflict with the forces of law and order when he is arrested for a crime that hasn’t been committed. Because the cell in which he is detained is inadequately sound-proofed, he learns that, in fact, he has the upper hand. He uses this situation to the best advantage before the final curtain.


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Performance rights must be secured before production
Contact information:
Amateur and professional rights:
Mattie Lennon
E-mail: mattielennon@gmail.com
Playwright’s website: mattielennon.com

About the Playwright:¬†Mattie Lennon writes the occasional humorous article and has contributed to The Irish Times, Sunday Independent,The Irish Post, Ireland’s Own, Ireland’s Eye, The Wicklow People, Kerry’s Eye, Leinster Leader and many more. He also writes for a number of on-line magazines, including irishpoetsworldwide.com. He has compiled and presented programmes on RTE Radio One and currently presents a ballad programme on Radio Dublin 100FM.

He has spent most of the past 30 years in Dublin; but whenever asked “Will you ever go back to Kylebeg?” he quotes James Joyce’s reply when asked the same question about Dublin: “I never left.” He is married, with a family, although currently his wife is wondering what sort of an eejit he is to be sitting at a computer, at this time of night, typing this with one finger.

A Wolf by the Ears awaits its first production.

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