But . . . should I really give the scripts of my plays away for free?

Well, maybe you shouldn’t. If you’re able to get all of your plays into print and are happy with the kind of distribution they get, inside and outside of your country, then you’re doing fine without us (though we’d be delighted if you wanted to sign on just the same). Frankly, we think this describes a small minority of professional playwrights.

We also think playwrights are in a special position. Unlike poets and novelists, our work exists primarily to be performed. By making texts available on the Web, we hope to encourage further productions that will return royalties to playwrights many times those they might expect from publishing — while also (no small consideration) giving the play further life on the stage.

Of course, some of the plays we publish electronically on our website will also continue to be available in print, and, where possible, we will provide a link for those who prefer to buy the script in that form. Many will: schools, others. In fact, if we promote ProPlay properly — and we intend to — we think we can probably boost sales of these plays in their printed versions, even while we offer them for free online. Everyone wins. Especially the playwright.

Or perhaps you’ll choose to publish some of your scripts with ProPlay but withhold those that have already been published elsewhere. That’s fine too. We expect, though, that many of our associates will be professional playwrights whose scripts — for whatever reason — haven’t appeared in print at all, and who want to use us as a convenient way to make them more widely available. There are a lot of good plays out there that should be better known, not to mention more often produced. That’s why ProPlay has been created.


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