Welcome To Paradise by Julie Marino

Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Paradise
Purple Rose Theatre
Chelsea, Michigan

Comedy-Drama/ 5 Characters, 2 Men, 3 Women/ Full Length, Two Acts

Synopsis: Evelyn thinks this may be her last solo trip to her Caribbean beach house before encroaching old age and interfering children dictate otherwise. Global vagabond Rory is just looking for a warm, congenial pit stop. Taking up Evelyn’s offer of a place to stay a night, maybe two, Rory finds himself feeling more and more at home at Evelyn’s place. She meanwhile is unexpectedly delighted to have an agreeable, helpful young companion. They both realize that their friendship is offering more than they thought.

“Evelyn, an active but lonely widow, and Rory, a restless wanderer, find that they complement each other, coexisting peacefully. That is, until Evelyn’s suspicious and massively overprotective son Greg, his stoic, long-suffering wife Trish, and their stifled but mischievous teenage daughter Sydney show up to visit . . . . [Welcome to Paradise] subtly refutes the assumption that young and old people have nothing in common and can’t be friends or even soulmates.” – C Current

“The play considers the question: at what age one can find a soulmate?” – The Blade

“Examines relationships with subtle charm.” – Chelsea Update

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About the Playwright: Julie Marino is a playwright and producer living and working in Manhattan. In addition to Welcome to Paradise, she is a co-writer of Mondo Condo, a musical comedy about life in a retirement community, a love triangle, money laundering and the Russian mob. Other works include Wildfire Season, which was presented in workshop form by Pier Studios, New York City, and her new work-in-progress The Word. Julie is also the writer/producer of Synesthesia Radio Theater, which produces and presents radio dramas for podcast. Further samples of her work may be seen on her website, juliemarino.nyc.

Welcome to Paradise was first produced at the Purple Rose Theatre, Chelsea, Michigan in June, 2019.

“Witty and often laugh-out-loud funny, but also has real moments of poignancy and deep layers of conflict. It looks at aging in a very real, painfully funny way.” – C Current

“A new piece of theatre that will leave the audience reflecting upon their own relationships.” – broadwayworld.com