Three Billy Goats Gruff by Jean Mann, Lyrics by Jean West Penna, Music by Eric Bryce

Billy Goats Gruff

Children’s Musical/ 6 characters (can be played by men or women)/ One Act

Synopsis: The classic tale of the Billy Goats with a bridge to cross, and the Troll who lives underneath, in a new version with plenty of comedy and original songs.

From The Advertiser (Adelaide): “The audience aimed at is the very young child . . . Yesterday at the Space they were delighted to discover that the big, bad Troll was not going to eat anybody up. All he wanted was a friend — someone to play with. Big Billy Goat Gruff was suitably — gruff. He was what every child’s daddy is when he’s working himself up into a ‘Don’t do that again’ lecture.

“Little Billy Goat Gruff is the character with whom all the kids like to identify. He is curiouser than most of us. Has more ideas perhaps. He overcomes his fears, as we would all like to do.

“But Frog is the star. His Frog-a-loggle language seemed to be just what the children hoped it would be: zany and yet natural.”

Three Billy Goats Gruff succeeds more completely than any children’s show I have seen this holiday . . . . Just what the child psychiatrist ordered.”
— Alan Roberts, The Advertiser (Adelaide)

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Tracy Mann
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About the Playwright: Early career managing a touring office in Alice Springs, Melbourne, and Sydney, Australia. Many years later, after two daughters had grown up, turned to playwriting for children. Her plays have been performed in theatres and schools in Adelaide and Brisbane. A non-fiction book came next, recording the 77 year history of a South Australian Croquet Club.

Jean gently passed away in January 2014, aged 94, after a fulfilling and productive life.

Three Billy Goats Gruff was first performed by The Little Patch Theatre, Adelaide, Australia, and subsequently by numerous theatres including the Brisbane Arts Children’s Theatre.