The Great American Western by Bruce Guelden

The Great American Western

Musical/ 9 Characters, 5 Men, 4 Women/ Full Length, Two Acts

Our hero, the Lone Ranger, has a problem. He arrives in the small town of Dirtwater, Texas, just in time to find Carrie Nation trashing every bar she can find. Meanwhile, J. Edgar Hoover shows up and arrests the Mayor for embezzlement. As if things weren’t bad enough, poor Tonto may end up marrying that vixen Sioux (Sue). (And, for your added entertainment, there is also a cameo appearance by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.)

Playwright’s Notes: “This is a fun play for the cast, and is clearly Politically Incorrect. It pokes fun at politicians, women’s lib, pop culture, and The Government. It even mocks itself as a musical by using taped music which is sung karaoke style (making it easy to produce — no band).

“The author of this play will encourage and assist any theater company in its production. The fee for the use of this play is 2 tickets to opening night. Have fun with it.”

“If you like musicals and westerns, then you will probably like The Great American Western.”

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Amateur and professional rights:Bruce Guelden
Address: 430 Main St
Winters, California

About the PlaywrightBruce Guelden was born in Lafayette, California and now resides in Winters, California. Bruce is a relatively nice guy but he does drink and smoke too much. He has a dog named Max. The Great American Western has been produced by several theater companies in Northern California over the past 15 years. It has received numerous awards, among them for Best Comedy and Best Musical. This play does its best when performed in a college town or to an audience of Baby Boomers.

The Great American Western was first produced at the Dublin Theatre Festival by Alternative Theatre