The Billabong Circus by Jean Mann & Sean Dawes

The Billabong Circus

Children’s play with music/ 6 Characters (can be played by men or women)/ One Act

(From the Brisbane Telegraph): “Fancy yourself at the circus? And a different sort of circus at that?

“Well, what could be more different than a circus where every performer is an animal, and there’s a touch of skullduggery and intrigue thrown in, as well?

“Wallaby and Possum want to join the circus as an acrobat and a ballet dancer. However, they meet Rabbit, the pop star, who has run away from the circus because Ringmaster Fox is so cruel to him. They all decide to return to the circus and trick Fox into changing his ways.

“Two Kookaburras watch the events with delight, and cannot resist making comments and poking fun at the others.”

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Tracy Mann
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About the Playwright
: Early career managing a touring office in Alice Springs, Melbourne, and Sydney, Australia. Many years later, after two daughters had grown up, turned to playwriting for children. Her plays have been performed in theatres and schools in Adelaide and Brisbane and U.S.A. A non-fiction book came next, recording the 77 year history of a South Australian Croquet Club.

Jean gently passed away in January 2014, aged 94, after a fulfilling and productive life.

The Billabong Circus was premiered by the Arts Theatre, Brisbane, Australia in June, 1981.