And The Stones Will Cry Out by David M. Graham

Comedy-Drama/ 3 Characters, 3 Men/ Full Length, Two Acts

Synopsis: When the arrogant Dr. Johann Beringer, Dean of the Medical School in Wurzburg, Germany in 1725, discovers some unusual fossils, he becomes convinced that the stones are a gift from God that will make him famous. What he does not know is that they are forgeries, craftily carved by a rival professor at the University, algebra teacher Ignatius Roderick.

With the unwilling help of the school’s librarian, Georg Von Eckhart, Roderick carves and distributes over 2000 stones, hoping to embarrass the ambitious Beringer. The scheme works, as Beringer writes and self-publishes an expensive book that brings him temporary notoriety. Sensing that the hoax has gone too far, the conspirators confess to Beringer that he has been duped, but the arrogant Doctor refuses to believe it. Events spiral out of control when Beringer is finally convinced, and the whole house of cards comes tumbling down, leading to a trial and its inevitable consequences.

Based on real events, And The Stones Will Cry Out is a tale of the uneasy war between faith and science, the difficulty of friendship, and of course, rocks.

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David M. Graham
340 W. Regent St. Apt. 6
Inglewood, CA 90301-1160
Ph.: 323-395-9985

About the Playwright: David is a Georgia native who came to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of being poor and hungry. In the actor’s tradition, he has drifted from here to there and had many jobs — including BMW salesman and gravedigger. He is a seasoned actor and director, with many shows to his credit.

And The Stones Will Cry Out is David’s first full length play, though a short of his, The Death of a Sale, Man, was performed in Los Angeles, and three of his short works, The Right Impression, Eden 2025, and Stealing Home have been included in every year of the Arabian Shakespeare Festival. He has also (self) published the first novel in his series A Little Mythunderstanding..

A 50-minute version of And The Stones Will Cry Out was presented by the Gorilla Theatre Company for the Festival of Independent Theatres in Dallas, Texas in July, 2015. It was first produced in its current full-length form at Little Fish Theatre in San Pedro, California in August, 2015.

“Graham’s thought-provoking work builds upon a prank, which is revealed early on in the play, but the play doesn’t feel farcical. It feels like any good drama in which the conflict causes people to come to the crux of what ails them.” – Daily Breeze, Los Angeles