When The Stars Are Right by William Anderson

When the Stars are Right

Drama/ 3 Characters, 2 Women, 1 Man/ One Act

Synopsis: Ellen, a celebrated novelist, has given up on life. After the death of her husband, she is content to spend her days embedded in an alcoholic haze. But when a whirlwind named Michelle barges in, her world is thrown askew, and Ellen finds herself opening up to new possibilities. When the Stars are Right is a play about love and loss, and the way everything can change when you least expect it.

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William Anderson
649 Railway Ave.
Nanaimo, BC, Canada
V9R 4K9

About the Playwright: William Anderson is a graduate of the Vancouver Island University Department of Creative Writing and Journalism and has written audio dramas, several plays, and short stories. His most recent  play, Noir-ish, made its debut at the Nanaimo Fringe Festival in 2016.

When the Stars Are Right was first produced at the 2014 Nanaimo Fringe Festival, and received its professional premiere at the Bread and Roses Theatre in London, England, produced by THEFAMOUSJMC, in September, 2015.