Second Sight by G. Scott Eldredge

Drama/ 7 Characters, 3 male, 4 female/ Full Length, Two Acts

Synopsis: In the history of Jonathan’s family, the eldest child in each generation develops second sight on their 13th birthday. But for unknown reasons his mother didn’t receive the sight, and the last person who did abandoned the family 40 years ago, after being released from a mental institution.

His father isn’t sure what to make of all this, his grandfather assures him he is fine the way he is, and his mother hopes he will receive the gift she didn’t.

Tomorrow is Jonathan’s 13th birthday.

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G. Scott Eldredge
P.O. Box 311
La Honda, Calif.
USA 94020
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About the Playwright: Scott has over 25 years of experience as a writer and editor. His writing background includes technical, instructional, and marketing content distributed via print, Web, CD, and online.

Scott has completed three full length plays, Second Sight, The Last Point Of View and Denial, as well as two screenplays, Blindsided and New Age.

Other recent work has included instructional design, writing, and editing for Apple, Cisco, Gap, Google, HP, Kaiser, Network Appliance, Palm, and Savi Technology.

Second Sight was first presented at the Playwrights Center, San Francisco, CA in 2007.