Re-Calculating by Lucas Foss

Man in wheelchair with bongos

Drama/ 1 Character, 1 man/ One Act

Synopsis: “Explores the reflections of a middle-aged man who has lived as a quadriplegic since experiencing a traumatic spinal cord injury at the age of 19. With alarming intimacy and emotional honesty, Jonathan explores the range of feelings and viewpoints he has experienced in the ensuing 36 years, as he grew from angry young man to a more mature and wise human being.”
– L.T., Faculty, Capilano University

“Extremely entertaining and thought-provoking . . . enables the audience to feel his grief, anger and pain.”
– J.N., Co-Exec Director, North Shore Disability Resource Centre

“A big eye-opener . . . I thought I had dealt with my prejudices about people with disabilities a long time ago — but no, it seems there are still more layers of anxiety or fear left to look at.”
– D.G., Non-Profit Coordinator


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Lucas Foss
PO Box 735
Gibsons, BC
V0N 1V0
Ph.: (604) 988-4681
About the Playwright: Lucas Foss is best known for his award-winning, consciousness raising solo play Little Voices, which he also performs. Other credits as an actor include Uncle Vanya, The Dresser, The Memory of Water, Ten Lost Years, The Blue Room, and his own on-going production of the one-man play The Fever by Wallace Shawn. Lucas is also a disability services advisor with Capilano University in North Vancouver, BC.

Re-Calculating was first produced at Douglas College, New Westminster, BC in June, 2012.

“A relevant play for everyone . . . challenges the audience to question old values and raises awareness of our relationship to people with disabilities.”
– C.S., Faculty, Douglas College Theatre Department