Prisoner of Love by Irving Stanton Elman

Comedy/ 4 Characters, 2 Women, 2 Men/ Full Length, Two Acts

Synopsis: Wanda Polonski of Minneapolis, still mourning the death of her son in the Great War, can’t even contemplate sexual relations with her highly-frustrated husband, Cazimir. It’s a different matter, though, when a shy, olive-skinned 19-year-old, Angelo, arrives to fix the piano. She only means to provide him with some maternal guidance, but after he declares his love for her, she decides to hide him away in the attic of the house, and hope neither Cazimir nor her nosy neighbor Lotte finds out.

Before long she’s carrying Angelo’s baby — which, naturally enough, Cazimir supposes is his own. Now Angelo’s the frustrated one. After some soul-searching in San Francisco, he returns and threatens to reveal the truth. Before he can, though, Cazimir makes him an offer he can’t refuse, and love, once again, finds a way.


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Irving Stanton Elman
2107 Ocean Avenue #415
Santa Monica, CA 90405

About the Playwright:

Irving Elman’s career spans the dramatic arts, from Broadway playwright to Hollywood producer, his credits encompassing:

As playwright: 3 plays produced on Broadway (The Brass Ring, Uncle Willie, The First Million); plus 4 plays produced off-Broadway and elsewhere around the world (Mondo Loco, Victoria Forever!, Three Kisses, Strangers and Lovers); 1 musical (Tevye’s Daughters) sold to Rodgers and Hammerstein, and then to Michael Todd; and co-author of book for musical (Strip for Action).

As screenwriter: 8 major studio produced movies (Backlash, Strange Journey, The Crimson Key, Challenge, Roses are Red, Thirteen Lead Soldiers,Jewels of Brandenburg, Accomplice).

As television writer: over 2,000 network produced teleplays (ranging over the spectrum from Hallmark Hall of Fame and Alfred Hitchcock Presentsto head writer of General Hospital).

As producer: 5 television series (Ben Casey, High Chaparral, Slattery’s People, Eleventh Hour, Matt Lincoln) and 2 television movies (The Cliffdwellers, Roaring Camp).

As “how-to” book author: So You Want to be a Scriptwriter . . . and Make a Million Dollars.

As award winner: 1 Pulitzer Prize Play nomination, 2 Emmy nominations, 1 Golden Globe, the Alexander Graham Bell Award.

As educator: 14 years teaching film, television and theatre writing at Santa Monica College.

And a book of memoirs in progress: Abe Lincoln’s Doctor’s Dog.

Prisoner of Love was first produced in a workshop staging by The Playwrights Group at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Center, Hollywood, California.