Premiere After-Party by Valentin Krasnogorov

Premiere After-Party

Premiere After-Party
Lomonosov Drama Theater
Arkhangelsk, Russia

Black Comedy/ 7 Characters, 3 Women, 4 Men/ Full Length, Two Acts

Synopsis: The curtains have just closed on the long-awaited premiere of Shakespeare’s Othello and the actors stay to celebrate opening night. The festivities end, though, when the party is marred by a mysterious death, and suspicions arise that a party participant may be involved. Dark yet humorous, with “whodunnit” plot twists leading to an unexpected finale, Premiere After-Party is riveting until the very end.

The world premiere was staged in 2009 by Russia’s most famous theater director, Roman Viktyuk, to critical acclaim, and has been hailed as an enormous success.

[Premiere After-Party] analyzes the current state of our society with both humor and sadness — Roman Viktyuk, theatre director

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About the Playwright: Valentin Krasnogorov’s name is acclaimed by theatergoers in Russia and all over the world. His plays, which include The Dog, Premiere After Party, Small Tragedies, Let’s Have Sex!, The Delights Of Adultery, Somebody Must Leave, The Fall of Don Juan, Now or Never, Ladies by Ad, Love Medicine, Pelicans of The Wilderness, Several Hours From the Lives of a Man and a Woman, That Weak Gentle Sex, The Bride’s Room, The Cruel Lesson, and Visit of a Young Lady, have been positively received by critics and audiences alike. The 35 plays he has written to date have been performed in more than 400 theaters.

Krasnogorov’s plays have been directed by many prominent theater directors, such as Georgy Tovstonogov, Lev Dodin, and Roman Viktyuk. They are part of the permanent repertoire of many theaters, and several have been performed hundreds of times, to rave reviews. The critical assessment that “Krasnogorov’s plays cross borders easily” is no empty praise: they have been translated into a number of other languages, and performed in Australia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, India, Mongolia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, the USA, and elsewhere. Plays from the Krasnogorov catalogue have received numerous awards for best drama at various international theater festivals.

In addition to drama, Valentin Krasnogorov has written novellas, short stories, and essays. His biography is included in the Marquis Who’s Who in the World (USA), the International Who’s Who of Intellectuals (Cambridge, England), and other publications. One Passion and Four Walls, Krasnogorov’s book on the essence of drama, has earned praise from notable figures in the theater. He is also the founder and first president of the Dramatists Guild of St. Petersburg.

Premiere After-Party was first produced by the Lomonosov Drama Theater, Arkhangelsk, Russia, in December, 2009 and has been seen in numerous stagings since.