Perfect World by Linda Stockham

Drama/ 11 Characters, 7 Women, 4 Men / Full Length, Two Acts

Synopsis: An accomplished New York stage actress is appointed to head the “Commission on the Enhancement of Family Values through the Arts.” But when her disaffected younger brother shows up unexpectedly at a New Years’ dinner, resurrecting memories long buried, Rosalind’s perfect world as “wife, mother and career woman” is called into question, with shocking results.

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Linda Stockham
CSU San Bernardino
Department of Anthropology
5500 University Parkway
San Bernardino, CA
USA 92407
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About the Playwright: Linda Stockham is a cultural anthropologist/playwright. She received a B.A. in Anthropology from California State College San Bernardino and her Interdisciplinary M.A. in Anthropological Studies from California State University San Bernardino. She has had plays produced in New York City and Los Angeles, in various festivals and on the radio. She lives and works in San Bernardino, California.

Perfect World was premiered by The Orison Group Entertainment Division, in conjunction with the Professional Actors Counsel, A Repertory Theatre, Hollywood, California in December, 1999.