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The cast of Characters

Milton Stack:
Mid 40’s, rough around the edges, cigarette smoking, blue-collar clearance professional. Physically strong, caring and famous for offering amazing insights and spinning giant yarns about relatives real and imagined. A nurturing soul, friends are important to him, things are not. He likes words that begin with G, the color crimson and a good one liner.

Bobby Warren:
A late 30’s black man, unmarried. Bobby lives alone in a trailer and likes collecting everything. He’s a protector, troublemaker and hot head. At first you think he’s smarter than Milton. But just as Milton surprises with flashes of brilliance, Bobby amazes with his cerebral deficiencies. He likes the three stooges, the color orange and management by intimidation.

Michael Price:
Mid 30’s, yuppie, married with a young daughter, well educated with a hint of the upper crust peaking through into his vocal style. Michael owns a media company and his focus is to clear the stuff from the space so he can build his new movie complex. He is driven, even hyperactive. He likes himself; he’s colorblind and wishes he could get that membership to the Belle Meade Country Club.

Sergeant Gary:
A forties drill Sergeant who is filled with violent hate and consumed with hurting those who are different than he is.


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