Notes: Just Desserts

Just Desserts: Playwright’s Notes

Just Desserts concerns our portions in Life and how we select our options for Life. In all three plays we get our Just Desserts and this depends as much on what we get served as on our choices. Freedom to choose is often an illusion.

As children we say Yes to Life – Easter Eggs is fast, fun and messy, with the text in verse. As confused adolescents we say both Yes and No to Life. Lemon Soufflé is dreamy, romantic, mysterious. As adults our choice is already made. Omlettes (consciously misspelt) is potent, controlled, sinister.

The plays operate on several levels. Linked by a unifying sense of irony, the language and style of each piece is particular to itself. Eggs, used as a symbol of creativity, feature in all three plays.

The recommended playing order is:

Easter Eggs (Short Play)
Lemon Soufflé (50 mins.)
Omlettes (45 mins.)

At the first performance in Andrews Lane Theatre, Dublin there was a brief pause after Easter Eggs and a 15 minute interval after Lemon Soufflé.

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