Notes: That Darn Plot!

Playwrights’s Notes:

This play was written for an Edmonton audience and there are some local references. The author allows for changing any geographical references and local references to fit the locality of the production. Brad Fraser is a Canadian playwright known for pushing boundaries into areas sometimes uncomfortable for conservative audiences. Calgary is the nearest major city to Edmonton.

This play essentially takes place in three worlds: the real world of Mark W. Transom, the world created by Transom inhabited by every other character in the play and an undefined twilight zone where the two worlds mingle. The first two worlds need to be onstage at all times once introduced, the third should be played not designed. No lighting changes, please. The play should be performed without black outs. With the sole exceptions of the act break and the transition from Act Two into the Epilogue, each scene should flow smoothly into the other.

The typewriters used in this play are both manuals. This means that they produce not only the percussive rhythms of the keys, but also the whine of the rollers as papers are being pulled out and the slam of the carriages being returned. I strongly encourage directors to use the auditory offerings of these machines as a means of punctuating and underscoring scenes, or to cover scene transitions.

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