Notes: Atomic Field

Persons in the Play:


DELORES LONG, 55, his wife

WINSTON LONG, 33, his son, a history professor at a small Southern college

MARISA LOUISE LONG, 31, his daughter

SETTING: The elder Long’s home in the North Georgia Mountains. There is a large combination sitting/dining area adjoined by a kitchen with an attached screened-in porch and front patio/main entrance.To the side is the hibakusha station, a podium with a lectern light and microphone backed by a screen.

TIME: Spring and Summer, 1985

In the event of production, the following statement must appear in the program:

“Hibakusha testimonies of Takehiko Sakai, Eiko Taoka, Hiroko Fukada, Keiko Matsuda, Takeo Watanabe, and Akira Ishida are presented through the auspices of the Hiroshima/Nagasaki Live Computer Conference and the Karome Computer Network in Hiroshima. Atomic Field was written with the support of a Japan Foundation Artists Fellowship.”

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