Murder Squared by Gary Earl Ross

Drama – Comedy/ 7-10 Characters, 3 Men, 3 Women, 1-4 Either/Or/ Full Length, Two Acts

Synopsis: Murder Squared—the play the Buffalo News called “a most entertaining evening of theater.” Four stories, four crimes, four surprises. One singular evening of mystery and the unexpected. Inspired by The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Murder Squared is a celebration of the classic suspense story. As Artvoice noted, “In addition to being playfully clever, these are delightfully fun and entertaining.”

The Murder Squared stories: “The Engineer,” “Anything for Money,” “The Heart of the Matter,” and “Return to Riverside Falls”

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Gary Earl Ross
228 Highgate Avenue
Buffalo, NY
USA, 14215
Ph: (716)308-0807

About the Playwright: Gary Earl Ross is a language arts professor at the University at Buffalo EOC and the author of more than 170 published short stories, poems, articles, scholarly papers, and public radio essays. Named Erie County’s 2003 Artist of the Year, Ross has won numerous awards for writing, including a LIFT Fiction Fellowship, an Artie Award for the play Matter of Intent, and for his public radio essays first place commentary awards from the New York State Associated Press and the New York Broadcasters’ Association.

Readers of Artvoice voted him the 2008 Best Writer in Buffalo. His books and staged plays include The Wheel of Desire and Other Intimate Hauntings (2000), Shimmerville: Tales Macabre and Curious (2002), Sleepwalker: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (2002), the children’s tale Dots (2002), Matter of Intent (2005 Ujima Theater world premiere and winner of the Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America), Picture Perfect (from the 2007 Tennessee Stage Company New Play Festival in Knoxville), and The Best Woman (from Ujima in 2007).

A member of the Dramatists Guild of America, the Mystery Writers of America, and the Just Buffalo Literary Center, Ross was recently named playwright-in-residence at Ujima Company and was awarded a 2008 Constance Saltonstall Foundation Playwriting Grant. His novel,Blackbird Rising, was published in 2009, and Matter of Intent received a staged reading at London’s Bridewell Theater in June 2009.

Murder Squared was first performed on Saturday, November 27, 2010, at TheaterLoft in Buffalo.