Moosebreath, Maine by Bob Jensenius

Comedy-Farce/ 7 Characters, 4 Women, 3 Men/ Full Length, Two Acts

June Midcalf, a soon to be divorced businessperson, is transferred to Moosebreath, Maine. She is to start a new sales division for her company. June mysteriously discovers the real reason for her transferred is so Meredith, the owner of the company, and her soon to be ex sister-in-law, can fire her.

Why does Meredith want to fire her? What can June do?

Tired of being pushed around, June has a plan of her own to get even. She hires employees that are antithetical to the “corporate image” and her own ethical standards. Why should June care? She is not going to have to supervise these malcontents. She is going to be fired — or is she?

* Warning: The Surgeon General has determined that if you fall in any of the following categories you read this play at your own risk: accountants, people who won’t use trees, Volvo drivers, men who golf, topless dancers, wives of men who golf, Ford Bronco owners, psychologists, people with values, people without values, beer drinkers and users of Preparation H.

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Bob Jensenius
4160 Wilshire Dr.
York, Pennsylvania
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About the Playwright:┬áBob Jensenius’ work has received numerous awards during the past four years. He has been a finalist in the 1999 McLaren Memorial Comedy Playwriting competition, a finalist in the 1999/2000 Blowing Rock Stage Company competition, selected to the New York City Playwrights Festival, and winner of York Little Theatre’s Black Box Production. His work has received staged readings at the American Renegade Theatre in Hollywood, CA. and productions at The Theatre Studio Inc., New York City and York Little Theatre in York, Pa.

Bob lives in York, Pennsylvania with his wife Billie and two children. He has served on the Board of Governors of York Little Theatre, and has many broadcasting and business credits to his name.

Bob holds a BS degree with honors in accounting from York College, a BS degree in political science from Shepherd College, and an MS degree in communications from Shippensberg University. Despite all these degrees, Bob still has difficulty coloring between the lines.

Moosebreath, Maine was first seen at York Little Theatre in December 1998, and made its Off-Off Broadway premiere at the Theatre Studio Inc. in August 2000. It has won various awards.