Monkey Dance Honeymoon by Paul Thain

Drama/ 5 Characters, 3 men, 2 women/ Full Length, Two Acts

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Synopsis: Nathan and Zoe arrive at Hotel Paradise on their African honeymoon. All Nathan wants is sun, sand, and sex, but when Zoe becomes involved with ageing hustler Yanks and his young apprentice Shakespeare, Nathan’s fear, suspicion, and resentment provokes an examination into the attitudes and values underlying their new marriage.

The worlds of black and white, rich and poor, the powerful and the powerless, are vividly articulated in the contrast between the shanty compound and the luxury Hotel known to the locals as “Sun City.”

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About the Playwright: Paul Thain was born in South Shields, UK. Inspired by his acting experience with the National Youth Theatre, he gave up life as a bus conductor, studied A-levels, and then read Drama & Theatre Arts at Birmingham University. When his first child was born he left teaching to become primary parent and playwright. His second radio play, The Biggest Sandcastle in the World, won a BBC Giles Cooper Award as one of the Best Radio Plays of 1981, and he has subsequently written many more including The Paradise Machine, for which the BBC’s production won the 1995 European Broadcasting Union Award for Best European Radio Drama.

Other work includes four commissioned screenplays, as yet unproduced, and five stage plays. His plays have been published and performed throughout the world, particularly the UK, Germany, Italy, Russia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Monkey Dance Honeymoon awaits its first professional production.