Miracle Mile by Josepha Gutelius

Comedy/ 7 Characters, 3 Men (one double), 3 Women/ Full Length, Two Acts

Miracle Mile may remind you of Shakespeare’s Tempest — only now it is the scary future, and the wizard is a young scientist (and the daughter of the President of the U.S.) who unleashes a catastrophic weather war, with hilarious results.

Miracle Mile should join the repertoire of imaginative as well as innovative comedies.” –Times Herald Record

Miracle Mile is a gem. Gutelius adds delightful twists, and turns the world upside down and inside out to give a new perspective to our follies. This play is a must-see.” –Poughkeepsie Journal

“Gutelius presents a series of socio-political issues that are downright mind-boggling. Going for comedy, she deals with matters of high explosive-conflictive nature. It’s all done in tongue-in-cheek and is positively hilarious. But it is also serious, thought-provoking, and quite disturbing stuff [that will] send the audience home with plenty of material for thought and speculation.” – Kingston Daily Freeman

“It is hard to characterize Miracle Mile, which may be its primary charm and appeal. Neither formulaic nor heavy on message, it poses ever so lightly some questions about the meaning of human life . . . with an inventiveness [that is] disarmingly and infectiously entertaining . . . For a delightful evening of theater, it is sure to please.” – Woodstock Times

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Josepha Gutelius
122 Burt St.
Saugerties, NY
USA 12477
Phone Number: (845) 246-4058
E-mail: josephanina@aol.com
Alternate E-mail: jgutelius@yahoo.com

About the Playwright: Josepha Gutelius’s other plays include The Age of Anxiety, RASP, Spooking Herald, Is It June Where You Are?, Desperate Alien, and Veronica Cory, as well as the short plays Two Hands, Vaseline, and Atomica World Machine.

Miracle Mile was first produced at Performing Arts of Woodstock, Woodstock, NY, in 1989.