Metastasis: Chain of Ruin by Gordon Pengilly

Tragi-comedy/ 8 Characters, 5 Men, 3 Women/ Full Length, Two Acts

Synopsis: Named for the pathological spread of live rot through a system, Metastasis sets 25 characters in motion, rippling out from a random drive by shooting, to conjure a world of missed connections and crossed wires.

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Gordon Pengilly
401-27th Ave. NW
Calgary, AB, Canada
T2M 2H7
Tel: (403) 277-6572

About the Playwright:¬†Gordon Pengilly has written more than 50 plays for TV, film, radio and the stage. His work, including Seeds, Swipe, Metastasis, Yours ’til The Moon Falls Down, Tom Three Persons, Tom Form And The Speed Of Love, Contraption and They Don’t Call Them Farmers Anymore, has been produced across Canada and abroad. His one-act playThe Work Play, which premiered in New York at the Actor’s Loft in 2000 before being produced in Japan in 2002, was made into a short film seen at Fourth Wall Screenings in 2005.Gordon is also one of the most prolific radio dramatists in Canada. In 1989, CBC selectedThe Ballad Of An Existential Cowboy as one its Best-of-Decade. In The Middle Of Town Stands The Dreamland was nominated for a Peabody Award in 1993 and rebroadcast in Australia, and Seeing In the Dark received the 2007 BBC International Radio Drama Prize and was broadcast on the World Service.

Gordon has been resident playwright for theatres and institutions in Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, Red Deer, Toronto and Fredericton and routinely runs workshops for Alberta Playwrights Network. His first collection of plays, Metastasis And Other Plays, published by NeWest Press received the 2009 W.O. Mitchell Book Prize.

Metastasis: Chain of Ruin was first produced by Northern Light Theatre, Edmonton, Alberta in 1995.

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