Man+Woman=Play by Sean Slater

Comedy/ 2 Characters, 2 Men/ Short play

Synopsis: Man meets Woman, Man gets Woman, sort of, Woman gets irritated with Man, Man loses Woman, in 10 scenes.


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Sean G. Slater
240 W. 102nd St., Apt. #65
New York, NY,
USA 10025
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About the Playwright:: Sean Slater is a theatre artist, filmmaker and educator living in New York City. His theatre work, including The Business Lunch, Man+Woman=Play and Algerians have been showcased around the world, most notably at the Actors Theatre Workshop, San Diego’s Old Globe Theatre, and the Provincetown Playhouse. His film work includes Empire Gypsy, The Squatter, Man at the Door, the documentary Target: St. Louis, and the forthcoming feature film Please Mrs. West.Man+Woman=Play was first performed by the West Indies Theatrical Group, Berkeley, California in March, 1999.