Liselotte In May by Zsolt Pozsgai

Liselotte in May

Comedy/ 8 Characters, 7 Men (played by one actor), 1 Woman/ Full Length, Two Acts

When a lonely woman in her thirties realizes that the years are passing her by without a partner, she desperately tries to get herself a man by various means. Through no fault of her own, each of her prospective partners dies on the first date. Widely produced in Europe and now available in this superb English transalation, Liselotte in May is a bittersweet absurdist comedy about a gentle, lonely heart.

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Zsolt Pozsgai
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About the Playwright: Award-winning dramatist Zsolt Pozsgai’s plays have been seen worldwide. He is a winner of the European Drama Award, and three-time winner of the Hungarian Playwright’s Competition. Liselotte in May, his most performed play, premiered at the Deutsches Theater, Budapest, Hungary, in May, 2002 and has since been seen in over 22 stagings from New York City to Geneva, Switzerland to Vancouver, Canada. By the end of 2014, 57 of Pozsgai’s pieces, including tragedies, comedies, farces, and plays with music, had been performed in 87 theatres. He has also worked widely as a stage director, and as a writer and director for film and TV.

Liselotte in May premiered in German at the Deutsches Theater, Budapest, Hungary, in May, 2002. It received its official world premiere in German at the Theater des Landesarchive, Graz, Austria in July, 2002. It has since been seen in over 22 productions internationally.