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7-10 Split by Michael G. Wilmot
Comedy/ 4 Characters, 3 Men, 1 Woman or 2 Men, 2 Women/ Full Length, Two Acts
When a Crown Prince from an exotic foreign country offers him millions to get his fortune out of the country, Earl devises a “foolproof plan” to turn the tables on the Prince.

Don’t Touch Me With Your Right Hand by Sean Slater
Comedy/ 4 Men/ One Act
Two applicants for the same job meet in a waiting room. One has a very ingenious, if somewhat disgusting, plan to make sure he’s hired.

And The Stones Will Cry Out by David M. Graham
Comedy-Drama/ 3 Characters, 3 Men/ Full Length, Two Acts
When the arrogant Dr. Johann Beringer, Dean of the Medical School in Wurzburg, Germany in 1725, discovers some unusual fossils, he becomes convinced that the stones are a gift from God that will make him famous.
Buying the Moose by Michael Wilmot

Buying The Moose by Michael G. Wilmot
Comedy/ 4 Characters, 2 Men, 2 Women/ Full Length, Two Acts
Women ask, “Why do men do the crazy things they do?” Sometimes the answer is simpler than it first seems.

Man+Woman=Play by Sean Slater
Comedy/ 2 Characters, 2 Men/ One Act
Man meets Woman, Man gets Woman, sort of, Woman gets irritated with Man, Man loses Woman, in 10 scenes.

Larissa Coser and Neil Gallagher in "Run in Fields"

Run in Fields by Frank Moher
Comedy-Drama/ 4 Characters, 2 men, 2 women/ Full Length, Two Acts
Kevin Tenner is the toast of James Cook U. He’s just won a prestigious $75,000 award. But when he meets Leila, a promising science major with $30,000 in student debt, and decides to use some of his money to help her, Prof. Tenner begins to get schooled himself.

Flowers In The Desert by Donna Hoke
Comedy-Drama/ 2 Characters, 1 Man, 1 Woman/ One Act
Britt and Joe called it quits after 14 years of marriage, so Joe is surprised when, three years later, Britt asks him to try again. Cheater Joe still loves his ex and their boys, so he’s willing to go along with date-nights and counseling — until he realizes that Britt has a very specific agenda.

The Fox’s Reward by Mark Scrivener
Comedy/ 4 Men, 1 Woman/ Full Length, Two Acts
Vulpes, a down-and-out “master of the law,” and his wife, vixen Marguerite, are out to fleece a greedy draper. Their shepherd William, however, may have more wits about him than it at first appears.

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime by Julia Britton
Drama/ 15 Characters, 8 Men, 6 Women, 1 Either/Or/ Full Length, Two Acts
Hard pressed by Lord Arthur Savile, a chiromantist reads the distinguished gentleman’s palms and reveals that he will commit a murder. Obsessed with the revelation, and in love with his fiancée, Lord Savile is concerned that he might murder her. He finds a solution: Killing someone else.

Gina and Fidel by Zsolt PozsgaiGina and Fidel
Comedy-Drama/ 1 Man, 1 Woman/ Full Length, Two Acts
In 1974, in “the capital city of an island nation,” the actress Gina Lollobrigida is determined to make a documentary about Fidel Castro. But interviewing a man who is the constant target of assassination attempts is no easy matter.

The Great Algonquin by Linda Juanita Stockham
Comedy-Drama/ 4 Men, 3 Women/ Full Length, Two Acts
Emmett Halberg is the leading expert on local history, flora, and fauna, but he’s also a little eccentric, and more than a little paranoid about Communism. When a young Korean War veteran moves in, Emmett begins to suspect him of being a spy, and his over-active imagination and outrageous actions soon upset the lives of the residents.

Tossed Salad

Tossed Salad by Fred Rohan Vargas
Comedy/ 6 Characters, 3 Men, 3 Women (some doubling possible)/ One act, 10 mins.
Anthony tries to impress his date by taking her to an authentic Japanese restaurant but soon discovers that authenticity is a thing of the past in diverse New York City.

Desperate Writers by Joshua Grenrock and Catherine Schreiber
Comedy/ 23 characters, can be played by 5 Men, 5 Women/ One Act, 80 minutes
A couple of desperate writers, with the baby clock ticking and their home about to be sold out from under them, are driven to desperate measures to get their script read, bought, and made in this hilarious, fast-paced, screwball comedy that pokes fun at the crazy film biz.

No Tell Motel by Michael G. Wilmot
Comedy/ 4 Characters, 2 Men, 1 Woman, 1 Either/or/ Full Length, Two Acts
Brandon and Sarah arrive at a seedy motel for a fun afternoon, but guilt, misunderstandings, a meddling motel manager with “issues,” and the fallout from a Bible salesman with ulterior motives get in the way.

A Weekend in Logatec by Evdokimos Tsolakidis
Comedy-Drama/ 4 characters, 3 Men, 1 Woman/ One Act, 15 minutes
Marcos takes a short vacation for a weekend, in Logatec, Slovenia, far away from his home in Athens, Greece. This happens every year right before his long vacations with his family at a Greek island.


Murder Squared

Murder Squared by Gary Earl Ross
Drama-Comedy/ 7-10 Characters, 3 Men, 3 Women, 1-4 Either/Or/ Full Length, Two Acts
Four stories, four crimes, four surprises. Four wildly different journeys into suspense and the unexpected make for one singular evening of mystery.

The Guns of Christmas by Gary Earl Ross
Drama/ 12 Characters, 12 Men/ Full Length, Two Acts
It is December 24, 1914, on the Western Front of the Great War. Two squads of soldiers — one British, one German— face each other across the ruined terrain of No Man’s Land. But it is Christmas Eve, and the bombardments trail off early. In the darkness, someone begins to sing “Silent Night,” and both sides recognize an opportunity for a brief peace  . . .

The Mark of Cain by Gary Earl Ross
Drama/ 15 Characters, 4 Men, 4 Women, 7 Either/Or — Doubling possible/ Full Length, Two Acts
It’s the summer of 1925. In a northern city, Dr. Ossian Cain buys his dream house . . . in an all-white neighborhood. A mob attacks the house to force the Cains out, a shot is heard, someone dies. Can celebrated “attorney for the damned” Charles Durham, just back from the Monkey Trial in Tennessee, save the Cain family from the electric chair?

Odd Job Man

Odd Job Man by Peter Harrison
Drama/ 6 Characters, 4 Men, 2 Women/ Full Length, Two Acts
No unseemly clumsiness has ever marred the smooth efficiency of public executioner Albert Pierrepoint’s technique. Then one night, a young woman walks through the door of the public house and asks to speak to him. As it becomes clear that she has a personal interest in one of Albert’s many executions, both Albert and his devoted wife, Anne, finally confront the personal pain behind so many of those judicial deaths.

Hello, Last Page Of My Life! by Julia Britton
Drama-Comedy/ 17 Characters, 7 Men, 4 Women, 6 Either/Or/ Full Length, Two Acts
The story of Anton Chekhov seen from the perspective of the two women in his life, actress Olga Knipper, his mistress and later wife, and his devoted sister Masha.

The Trial of Trayvon Martin by Gary Earl Ross
Drama/ 9-10 Characters, 4 Men, 5 Women, 1 Either/Or/ Full Length, Two Acts
This ripped-from-the headlines drama explores what might have happened if the infamous events of February 26, 2012 — which inspired the Black Lives Matter movement — had gone differently.

A Singular Man by Julia Britton
Drama/ 1 Character, 1 Man/ One Act
English writer Christopher Isherwood relives and reviews his life at Cambridge University and in Nazi Germany, where he wrote the famous Berlin Stories.

Two Hours in a Madhouse by Gary L. Blackwood
Drama/ 1 Character, 1 Woman/ Full Length, Two Acts
The year is 1912. Driven into bankruptcy by embezzling employees, celebrated journalist Nellie Bly has embarked on a lecture tour to pay off her debts. Knowing that the audience won’t want to hear about anything “depressing,” she recounts the many highlights of her astounding career, including the 10 days she spent in a madhouse, exposing the wretched conditions there, and her record-breaking solo voyage around the world.

The SpinsThe Spins by Sara Crawford
Drama/ 6 Characters, 3 Men, 3 Women/ Full Length, Three Scenes
Lynn, an alcoholic musician, nurses wounds both old and new — the death of her brother Riley and the recent end of a romantic relationship.

When The Stars Are Right by William Anderson
Drama/ 3 Characters, 2 Women, 1 Man/ One Act
Ellen, a celebrated novelist, has given up on life. After the death of her husband, she is content to spend her days embedded in an alcoholic haze. But when a whirlwind named Michelle barges in, her world is thrown askew, and Ellen finds herself opening up to new possibilities.

The Scavenger’s Daughter by Gary Earl Ross
Drama-Mystery-Thriller/ 6 Characters, 3 Men, 3 Women/ Full Length, Two Acts
The Scavenger’s Daughter explores the impact of senile dementia and mental instability on a single family.

Children & Youth

Tooth by Fred Rohan Vargas
Drama/ 5 Characters, 1 Man, 4 Women/ One Act, 15 mins.
Adamanda is excited about what she’ll find under her pillow when she wakes up in the morning. However, she finds it hard to sleep when she is visited by three tooth fairies who desperately want her tooth.

The Tiger, the Brahman, and the Jackal by Mark Scrivener
Children & Youth/ 6 Characters, 6 Either/or/ One Act
A brahman lets the tiger out of the cage. The hungry tiger wants to eat him — can he find anyone who disagrees with the tiger and can help him?

The Goose Girl by Gary L. Blackwood
Children & Youth/ 6 Characters, 3 Men, 3 Women/ One Act
Queen Ysabel of Oldmark sends her daughter, Princess Jorinda, to marry King Ferdinand of Eastphalia, in order to seal an alliance between the two kingdoms.

The Wind and the Sun by Mark Scrivener
Drama/ 1 Male, 3 of any gender/ One Act
The Wind and the Sun disagree about who is stronger. They decide to see who can make a Traveller take off his cloak. Which is more powerful — coldness and fury, or warmth and persuasion?

Second Sight by G. Scott Eldredge
Drama/ 7 Characters, 3 male, 4 female/ Full Length, Two Acts
In the history of Jonathan’s family, the eldest child in each generation develops second sight on their 13th birthday. But for unknown reasons his mother didn’t receive the sight, and the last person who did abandoned the family 40 years ago, after being released from a mental institution.

Nail Broth by Mark Scrivener
Comedy/ 2 Characters, 1 Man, 1 Woman/ One Act
Nettie Skeen says she has no food in the place. Not a problem for the cunning tramp as he can make a good broth from a nail. All he needs to make it really good are a few extra ingredients . . .

The Seven Foolish Fishers by Mark Scrivener
Comedy/ 9 characters/ Short play, 10 minutes
Seven foolish fishers check to see that they are all together. Yet no matter how each one counts, one of them is always missing. Can the stranger Goodsense find the missing fisher?