La Negra (The Negress) by Luis Miguel Gonzalez Cruz

The Negress

Drama/ 5 Characters, 3 Male, 2 Female/ Full Length, 90 mins.

A young woman, Ana, arrives at a rundown shack for an appointment to be tattooed. She meets “The Captain” and his lover, Isabel — heroin addicts united by passion and their memories of better days. The Captain at first refuses to do the work, until Ana’s manipulative boyfriend convinces him to brand her with the image of a mysterious woman named “la negra” — the same tattoo The Captain carries on his own chest. Does The Captain agree in order to create his final masterpiece — or to free himself of the dark legacy that haunts him? Either way, the results are both brutal and inevitable.

Advisory: contains explicit language, violence, and sexuality.

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Luis Miguel González Cruz,
C/ La Palma 18, 2° dcha
28004 Madrid, Spain

About the Playwright:
Playwright, director, and screenwriter Luis Miguel González Cruz won the 2001 Borne Award for La Negra. He is also winner of the Lope de Vega Award for Eternal Return, The Calderon de la Barca Award for Agony, and the Rojas Zorilla Award for Thebas Motel.

La Negra was first produced by Galileo Teatro, Madrid in January, 2003.