Idols by Nicholas Bompart

Comedy-Drama/ 11 Characters, 4 men, 5 women, 2 Either-Or, multiple casting possible/ Full-Length, 70 mins.

Synopsis: As a pianist plays in a corner of the stage, we meet Alex, a 10-year old piano prodigy who has been diagnosed with ADHD after getting into trouble at school. His parents are given an ultimatum: Alex must take Ritalin or face expulsion. As they struggle with the choice, Alex’s grandparents object. Russian immigrants, they have vivid memories of the 2nd World War, when Hitler gave the drug to his troops. They don’t want to see Alex turned into “an obedient little soldier.”

Meanwhile, Alex practices for his momentous upcoming piano recital with his inspiring teacher, Mr. Hoffman. “When I wake up I hear music,” he tells Mr. Hoffman, “when I do anything I hear music.” As he and his family continue to struggle with the effects of his ADHD, his grandfather makes a decision. Appearing to Alex dressed as the tooth fairy, he delivers an impassioned plea for his grandson never to believe “there is something ‘wrong’ with you,” and to remain true to his talent. In this tender and powerful play, the pianist playing in the corner of the stage — Alex as an adult — suggests that he listened to his grandfather.

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About the Playwright: Nicholas Bompart is an actor, director, writer, and musician from Forest Hills, New York. He began acting at the age of five and has continued in the theater up until the present. He has written and acted in more than 15 short films, which have been screened at multiple national and international film festivals and won extensive laurels, including awards for Best Horror Film, Best Direction, Best Screenplay, and Best Actor. In addition to writing and directing many plays, he has starred in numerous off-Broadway productions. His plays have been selected for the Rogue Theater Festival, CHAIN Theater Festival, Strawberry Theater Festival, and others. He has received favorable media reviews and been referred to as “a new up-and-coming artist” and “someone to watch” for upcoming work. Nicholas earned a B.A. in Theater Arts from Pace University. He also sings opera and has performed at Carnegie Hall.

Idols was first produced at Teatro LATEA in New York, NY in October 2022.