Hope & Fury by William Allen Brooks

Comedy/ 3 characters, 1 Man, 2 Women/ One Act

Synopsis: A quirky and touching story of two estranged sisters who come to their childhood home for the first time in eight years. Their mother has recently passed on, but not before she put it in her will that the two of them will have to sort through a life’s worth of pack-rat’s junk before they can sell the lucrative property. If that isn’t enough to send these strong women around the bend, then the fact that their sworn enemy, the grocery delivery boy/ex-boyfriend/trouble maker, has been named as executor to their mother’s estate certainly is. The name of the game is following these two equally loveable and hate-able people through tickle fights, three bottles of gin and a whole lot of memories as they try to patch together who they are, who they were, and who they will be.

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William Brooks
204 Hilliard St. E.
Saskatoon, SK.
S7J 0E4
Ph.: (306) 934-8278 or (306) 341-4089
e-mail: williamallenbrooks@yahoo.ca
Playwright’s website: www.williambrooks.ca

About the Playwright: William is a playwright and actor living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. As a playwright, two of his plays, The Captive and Hope & Fury, have been featured at the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre’s Spring Festival of New plays. Hope & Fury was premiered in Saskatoon in May of 2005 produced by Flux Theatre, followed by a production at Calgary’s Lunchbox Theatre. His youth play, Assignment: Impossible was toured by Persephone Theatre in 2006. His plays have also been seen at Globe Theatre’s On the Line and the University of Saskatchewan. As an actor, William’s work has been seen with Persephone Theatre, Quest Theatre, Vertigo Mystery Theatre, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, As-Q Theatre and Last Exit Theatre, among others.

Hope & Fury was first was first seen in The Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre’s Spring Festival of New Plays, May, 2004 as a staged reading, and premiered by Flux Theatre in May, 2005