Guns, Shackles & Wintercoats by M. Stefan Strozier

Drama/ 8 characters, 6 Men, 2 Women/ Full Length, Two Acts

Synopsis (from The Compulsive Reader): “Sergeant John Brown has returned to the States from his tour in Iraq with a wife he met in Germany. His traumatic experiences as a soldier have left him with serious psychological problems; he is unable to keep a job, and he and his wife are experiencing marital difficulties. He feels he has post traumatic stress syndrome, but the Veterans administration doctors disagree.”

From “He can’t seem to hold a job. His whole world is falling apart. Strozier shows us the various pitfalls he encounters while trying to adjust to civilian life, and, via well-written flashbacks, takes us back to the battlegrounds.”

“If Strozier’s purpose is to get people to talk and think about our veterans, he has succeeded . . . . this play will find its way deeper into our hearts, where there is definitely room for it.”

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M. Stefan Strozier
303 Park Avenue South
Suite 1440
New York, NY 10010-3657
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About the Playwright: M. Stefan Strozier has been published in Gallery, War Heroes; the Taj Mahal Review; Entropic Desires (online); the op-ed pages of the Chicago Sun Times; in several poetry collections; and in a self-published collection of short stories, Sickness of the Young. His other plays include The Whales and The Tragedy of Abraham Lincoln, both produced by La Muse Venale Acting Troupe on New York City. He has also produced and directed numerous play off-off-Broadway, and is founder and president of the ezine Audience.Guns, Shackles & Wintercoats was first performed at The Workshop Theater Company, New York City, in August, 2004, and produced by La Muse Venale Acting Troupe at Where Eagles Dare Theatre as part of the 2005 Midtown International Theatre Festival.
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