The Cuckoo’s Nest Casino by Ron Grant

Comedy/ 10 Characters, 3 Women, 7 Men/ Full Length, Three Acts

The Cuckoo’s Nest Casino is a comedy about a group of people who come together to save a small Las Vegas casino from losing its gaming license and having to close. Dai Choi and his wife, Elaine, are constantly at odds with each other; Dai loves his bottle of Sake and Elaine doesn’t. Doc Holliday, a customer who believes he is really Doc Holliday re-incarnated, claims to be the fastest gun in the west. Don Sinatra, a Las Vegas small time entertainer, and his girlfriend, Showbiz Liz, can’t seem to get their relationship together because Don is playing piano in a Las Vegas brothel and Liz is getting too old to be a showgirl. Mozart (his nickname) is a songwriter. His girl, Candy Delicious, uses every seductive trick in the book in order to star in the new musical Mozart thinks he can write.

The camera man from the local cable TV station arrives to save the day by broadcasting their story. Unfortunately, he’s chased away by the advances of a gay professional wrestler. However, all is saved at the last moment, the issues are resolved, and, in a surprise ending, Doc Holliday becomes a hero.

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Bloomin Desert Productions
2165 East Rochelle Avenue #17
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USA 89119
Ph: (702) 735-9568
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About the Playwright:┬áRon Grant is a writer, actor, producer, and musician living in Las Vegas. His other plays include Elvis Did It, which has been staged in Holland and the Dominican Republic, and The Cuckoo’s Nest Casino.

The Cuckoo’s Nest Casino awaits its first professional production.