Confetti by Broken Gopher Ink

Comedy-Drama/ 7 characters, 5 Men, 2 Women/ Full Length, 35 scenes

Synopsis:¬†Gary lives with his middle-aged mother, Geg, and is “in a relationship” with Lindahl, but his real love is his drums. Maybe you’d prefer making loud sounds to growing-up, too, if your Mother was having sex with your cousin (her nephew, that’s right) and your girlfriend wants to bring her “emotional heart into harmonious balance.”

But in 35 punchy, sardonic scenes punctuated with original songs, this smart and unsentimental comedy manages to suggest that even someone as messed-up as Gary can manage to achieve, if not harmonious balance, a degree less mess-uppedness.

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About the Playwright:Broken Gopher Ink are a pair of humble westerners whose delightfully crude and vicious plays have been produced all over the USA and small parts of Europe, but especially in New York City off-Broadway theatres, where Broken Gopher Ink acquired their bogus literary credibility. No one is sure who they are or what they want, but their deliciously low cholesterol mega-monologue play, My Heart and the Real World, has received eight separate off-Broadway productions (including two UK shows) thus cementing Broken Gopher Ink‘s reputation as cult failures.

Confetti was premiered at The American Theatre of Actors, in New York City, October, 1995.

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