Cloud Catchers

Comedy/ 6 Characters, 1 Man, 1 Woman, 4 Puppets/ One Act

Synopsis: Two dogs, Yippy and Yappy, enjoy working on a sheep station. But when drought persists, they are sold to a new owner. Yippy and Yappy set off to save their sheep station, with their purchaser chasing after them. On their journey they meet other characters, animals and birds, who eventually assist them in achieving their goal.

The Cloud Catchers is about the importance of water, and promotes discussion on water use, the water cycle, and care for the environment. It also engages and nurtures our innate creativity and imagination, as we search for solutions to what may seem like unsolvable problems from our current standpoint.

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David Cronin
PO Box 35
Stepney, Australia
E-mail: davidcronin3@bigpond.comAbout the Playwright: A professional performer for over 25 years, David Cronin is an entertainer for both adults and children. He performs a variety show with comedy, magic and juggling and conducts workshops and courses in Clown, Circus Skills, and Magic.His presentations as a speaker educate youth and adults about the health and fitness benefits of humour and laughter, with fun, interactive play.

He is proud to be a member of the Clown Doctor team, bringing Laughter Therapy regularly to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and at Flinders MC for over eleven years. Both the parents and the staff also benefit from the fun!

David creates and produces educational and entertaining shows and plays. These are performed in pre-school centres, primary and secondary schools, as well as for vacation care and holiday programs.

Plays include: Once Upon A Chair, The Cloud Catchers, Once Upon a Platypus, The Coco Circus Show, Jester Minute, Captain Black Diamond Pirate Show, A Pirate’s Delight, Find the Pharoh, Where’s Bully?, Rocky Star, Tubes ‘R Us.

David Cronin studied theatre abroad, and worked for 15 years in European and Asian countries. He is a member of a number of international associations, and Coordinator of the Laughter Yoga Clubs of SA (LYSA). David is married to Rosalie with four children.

Cloud Catchers has been performed mainly in school theatre auditoriums on innumerable occasions over the last 12 years.