Close to Home by Eric G. Westerlund

Close to Home

Drama/ 2 Characters, 2 Women/ One Act

Synopsis: Freshly unemployed, Cheryl finds her troubles multiplying when her ailing and stressed-out mother accuses Marcy, Cheryl’s younger sister, of taking some family heirlooms. Lying to protect Marcy and to spare her worn-out Mom, Cheryl claims to have the jewelry. When Marcy arrives, Cheryl confronts her. They begin a dance of avoidance and attack, revealing secrets along the way, culminating in Cheryl’s confession of helplessness in the face of their mother’s illness.

Close to Home examines the secrets and tensions that both preserve and undermine family harmony.

Playwright’s Notes

“Entertaining, thought-provoking theater.”

“Well written . . . a thought-provoking, touching view of relationships and self-image.”
-The Tolucan Times

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Eric G. Westerlund
Ph.: 323-414-3348

About the Playwright: Eric Westerlund began his professional life working at Arby’s to insure an upward career trajectory. He played in several rock bands and wrote some scripts. In January 2002, his first short film, Call Now! . . . Girls Are Waiting, picked up an Audience Award at the L.A. Film School’s Friday Night Shorts program. The film has since played numerous festivals. Close to Home is his first stage work. Eric has also published essays and short fiction, and holds a B.A. in English, Summa Cum Laude, from Williams College.

Close to Home premiered at the Actors Workout Studio, Los Angeles, California, 2002.