Cathexis…or is it something else? by Julie Marino

Comedy/ 6 Characters, 3 men, 3 women/ Full Length, Two Acts

Synopsis: Tony-winning playwright Brett has lost his creative mojo and ended up at a small regional theater as Artist-in-Residence, hoping to fix the disaster that is his latest script. But Brett does not play well with others, and he especially doesn’t want input from those he considers small-town wannabes and not in his league.

Meanwhile, the members of the company, all hard-working professionals with years of experience, have no patience for the carryings-on of divas. After weeks of putting up with Brett’s resistance and tantrums, the cast decides to rewrite the play themselves, without his help or even his knowledge.

Instead of the searing drama they started with, the result is a laugh-out-loud farce that everyone except Brett seems to love. While Brett struggles to reconcile his overblown self-image with his need for a hit, the others gleefully dive into a project that rekindles their excitement and sense of joy.

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About the Playwright: Julie Marino is a playwright and producer living and working in Manhattan. Her previous play, Welcome to Paradise (also published on ProPlay), was a semi-finalist in the National Playwrights Conference at the O’Neill Center in 2015, and had its world premiere at the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea, Michigan in June, 2019. Other works include Mondo Condo, a musical comedy about life in a retirement community, not to mention a love triangle, money laundering and the Russian mob, and Wildfire Season, which was presented in workshop form by Pier Studios, New York City. Julie is also the writer/producer of Synesthesia Radio Theater, which produces and presents radio dramas for podcast. Further samples of her work may be seen on her website,

Cathexis…or is it something else? was presented in a workshop reading at Pier Studios in New York City in 2021. It awaits its first full production.