Cafe Hollywood by Ron Grant

Drama/ 10 characters, 5 Women, 5 Men/ Full Length, Two Acts

Delilah, owner of a seedy but decent Hollywood coffee shop, is a one time actress who manages to retain the elegance of her salad days as she fantasizes over her youth in Broadway theater. Claude, an aging writer, plugs away at his craft, taking heart in the thought that Shaw wrote until he was 91, so that his day may yet come.

Then there is the prostitute, Carrie, struggling to break away from her past but bounded by the thugs who will not allow her to slip out of their clutches. Delilah sees in Carrie “the daughter I never had,” while Claude is ready to risk his life to keep her from harm

The characters cling to each other to ward off a fate they choose not to recognize as inevitable, until the arrival on the scene of another down-and-outer, who seems to fit into their pattern and wins Delilah’s easily aroused protective instints.

Disarming as he may appear, however, Gene does not share the other’ hapless vulnerability. Possessed by a psychopathic hatred of prostitutes, he is a fugitive from justice, wanted in New York for murder, and anyone who recognizes him becomes his victim. As the story races to its tragic climax, three more are sacificed to his crazed motives.

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About the Playwright:┬áRon Grant is a writer, actor, producer, and musician living in Las Vegas. His other plays include Elvis Did It, which has been staged in Holland and the Dominican Republic, and The Cuckoo’s Nest Casino.

Cafe Hollywood was first produced at the International Student Centre, Los Angeles in 2004 and subsequently at the Finally-A-Unicorn Emporium, Huntington Beach, California.