The Business Lunch by Sean Slater

Comedy/ 2 Characters, 2 Men/ Short play, 15 minutes

As a young businessman is approached by his boss for a new “pet project”, he becomes educated in everything from buffalo sandwiches to bean bag chairs.


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Performance rights must be secured before production
Contact information:Amateur and professional rights:Alan Rossett
Sean G. Slater
240 W. 102nd St., Apt. #65
New York, NY,
USA 10025
ISBN (for competition use): ISBN 978-1-60585-981-1

About the Playwright:: Sean Slater was born in West London Hospital which no longer exists. He was raised in the backwoods of California by deer. He is currently in New York City.

The Business Lunch was first performed by the West Indies Theatrical Group at the 8th Street Studio Theatre in Berkeley. It has also been produced by various other Berkeley theatre companies, including the Berkeley Repertory Theatre; at Black Repertory Theatre (Oakland); at the American Conservatory Theater’s Hastings Studio Theatre in San Francisco; as part of the Edinburgh Theatre Festival’s “Shorts Extravaganza” in Scotland; and at high schools and theatre functions throughout the United States and abroad.