The Brementown Musicians — Libretto by Marcy Telles, Music by Douglas Bowes

Children’s Musical/ 4 Characters, 2 Men, 2 Women/ One Act

Four animals meet on the road to Bremen. Each tells how they worked hard all their lives for ungrateful masters, and now that they are old and tired, they have run from certain death to make their own way in the world.

The adventurers discover that they have a common interest in music, so they decide to become troubadors (traveling musicians). Their plans are soon interrupted, however, when they run into a band of robbers. A nasty fight begins, in which each group thinks the other is a terrible monster.

In the end, the four friends are victorious over the selfish and cowardly robbers, and realize that they would prefer to stay in their new-won home, content to sing for each other.

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About the Playwright:
Composer and lyricist Marcy Telles has created scores for the musicals The Toymaker and the Elves (Das Puppenspeil, 1974) and The Three Golden Hairs(Morning Glory Theater, 1981). She has provided lyrics and librettos for two children’s operas Jack and the Beanstalk and Brementown Musicians (Cinnabar Theater, 1990 and 1997), and several children’s musicals: The Snow Queen, It’s a Wonderful Life (Cinnabar Theater, 1992 and 2001), Remote Control, Plants, and Princess Goodenough (1998, 2001, and 2002, various). In addition to her theatrical work, Marcy has provided compositions and lyrics for the Occidental Community Choir, Viva! Musica (a Japanese musical circus), and recording artists and groups such as A Few Good Friends, Biaja, Blake Derby, Michael Smolens, Randal Collen, and others. Marcy makes her home in Northern California and is always interested in new projects.

About the Composer: Douglas Bowes, born in Ontario Canada, is the director of the Occidental Community Choir and teaches guitar and composition. Several of his choral compositions have been published and performed all over the United States.

The Brementown Musicians was first produced by the Cinnabar Opera Theatre, Petaluma, California.