Becoming Strangers by George Freek

Dark Comedy/ 5 Characters, 3 Men, 2 Women/ Full Length, Two Acts

Howard and Jane are just looking for a break from the city when they show up at Duke and Betsy’s l’il ol’ cabin in the hills. But dang (as Duke and Betsy might say) if things don’t go wrong sometimes.

First there’s Duke’s curious interest in Howard and Jane’s sleeping arrangements. Then there’s the fact that Duke and Betsy haven’t slept together for twenty years. And then there’s the gun that unexpectedly shows up in Howard and Jane’s bedroom.

As Howard settles in for some hard fishing, and Jane realizes they’re not at a resort after all, Becoming Strangers gives new and blackly hilarious definition to the term “going native.”


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George Freek
515 Douglas St.
Belvidere, Illinois
USA 61008
Ph.: (815) 547-7521

About the Playwright: George Freek’s plays have been produced by the Organic Theater in Chicago, the Milwaukee Repertory, the West Coast Ensemble in Los Angeles, and the Pittsburgh New Works Festival, as well as the 13th Street Theater, Love Creek Productions, and the Theater-Studio in New York. He has been playwright-in-residence at the New American Theater in Rockford, Southern Methodist University, and Southern Illinois University, and has received grants from the Illinois Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Becoming Strangers was first produced at Southern Illinois University, and received its professional premiere at the 13th Street Theatre, New York City.