Postnuptials by David Earle

Postnuptials by David Earle

Parade Theatre
Sydney, Australia

Comedy (Farce)/ 10 Characters, 6 Men, 4 Women/ Full Length, Two Acts

Synopsis: A ménage à trois of love, secrets, and drag, set in present-day Fresno, California, that begins shortly after newlyweds Kevin and Lillian cross the threshold into matrimony only to have their first night of wedded bliss degenerate into a nightmare of chaos and confusion. A female impersonator from the Las Vegas strip named Joey (a.k.a. Amber Star) arrives at their apartment with the intent of finding closure with the husband who jilted him the morning after their impromptu wedding in The Little Chapel on the Strip. News that “Kevin is a homosexual bigamist married to a drag queen” reaches the wedding party still at the reception, setting off a riotous chain of events. The happy couple’s in-laws, a sibling maid of honor, a drunken best man, and a dim-witted ex-fiancé all join the fray, culminating in a surprise ending where one pairing crumbles and others unexpectedly form.

Postnuptials is a decidedly wicked screwball comedy, witty, well-written, with many surprising twists to a well-paced story concerning The Eternal Triangle — Boy gets girl; boy loses girl; boy gets wrestled to the ground by a female impersonator (no fooling) . . . . Secrets are revealed, relationships are formed as others crumble, and the true meaning of unconditional love is discovered.” — Michael Ellis, SHOWCASE

“A chaotically funny play, both vigorous and spirited . . . . An exhilarating night of theatre.” — Bronwyn Fullerton, Sydney Arts Guide

“The show is first and foremost a comedy, but it’s also not afraid to shoot past pure entertainment value for a little something more.” — Angela Bennetts, Alt Media

“Postnuptials is entertaining, enjoyable, and actually rather irresistible.” — Polly Warfield, Drama-Logue

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Contact Information:
Amateur and professional rights:
David Earle
1027 Ridgeview Ct.
Indian Hills, NV
89705 USA
Ph.: 775-220-9273

About the Playwright: Award-winning writer David Earle was born and raised in Anaheim, California, and lived 15 years in the Los Angeles area where he worked at various entertainment industry companies — Taft/Barish Productions, New World Pictures, Rogers & Cowan, Hollywood Records, and at Walt Disney in Creative Development at Disney Imagineering. In addition to Postnuptials, his plays include After the Wedding, They’re Having a Deadly Good Time, and a one-act drama, A Road to Nowhere.

His screenplay adaptations of both Postnuptials and A Road to Nowhere (unproduced) have been nominated for or won several awards at film festivals internationally, as has his adaptation of his sci-fi novel Life Is But A Dream (available on Amazon). In total, his screenplays have earned 63 awards and nominations at film festivals and screenplay competitions worldwide.

The Inclusion and Equity department of the Writers Guild of America West chose Life Is But A Dream for a full cast industry reading at the WGAW building due to the ethnic diversity of its characters. His (unproduced) five-episode true story limited series, Pelée, has also won multiple awards internationally. His most recently completed screenplay is another true story drama, Searching for Michael. In addition, he has written a novelette, The Remarkable Travels of Billy Sparks, and short story, The Calla Lilies (both on Amazon). David Earle is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America and Writers Guild of America West.

Postnuptials was first produced at Tamarind Theatre, Hollywood, Calif., in May, 1995. It had its international premiere at the Parade Theatre, National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), Sydney, Australia, in February, 2013, as part of the annual Sydney LGBTQ Mardi Gras.

“A well-written and very funny play that has some real laugh-out loud lines, situations and performances . . . . Earle makes some important statements about trust, families, friends and unconditional love.” — Dave DePino, West Hollywood Weekly

The Cruel Lesson by Valentin Krasnogorov

The Cruel Lesson

The Cruel Lesson
Moscow Theater of Modern Drama

Drama/ 4 Characters, 2 Women, 2 Men/ Full Length, Two Acts

Synopsis: The Cruel Lesson is inspired by a real psychological experiment that received broad international attention. Two students, guided by their professor, torture a woman for scientific purposes. As the strange experiment proceeds, the personal relationships of all four participants are rocked by ethical questions and emotional dilemmas. A riveting play about the social and psychological roots of cruelty, and the fine line between moral and immoral actions, The Cruel Lesson, which has proven especially popular among young people, keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

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Contact Information:
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Valentin Krasnogorov
Playwright’s website:
WhatsApp +7-951-689-3-689

About the Playwright: Valentin Krasnogorov’s name is acclaimed by theatergoers in Russia and all over the world. His plays, which include The Dog, Premiere After Party, Small Tragedies, Let’s Have Sex!, The Delights Of Adultery, Somebody Must Leave, The Fall of Don Juan, Now or Never, Ladies by Ad, Love Medicine, Pelicans of The Wilderness, Several Hours From the Lives of a Man and a Woman, That Weak Gentle Sex, The Bride’s Room, The Cruel Lesson, and Visit of a Young Lady, have been positively received by critics and audiences alike. The 35 plays he has written to date have been performed in more than 400 theaters.

Krasnogorov’s plays have been directed by many prominent theater directors, such as Georgy Tovstonogov, Lev Dodin, and Roman Viktyuk. They are part of the permanent repertoire of many theaters, and several have been performed hundreds of times, to rave reviews. The critical assessment that “Krasnogorov’s plays cross borders easily” is no empty praise: they have been translated into a number of other languages, and performed in Australia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, India, Mongolia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, the USA, and elsewhere. Plays from the Krasnogorov catalogue have received numerous awards for best drama at various international theater festivals.

In addition to drama, Valentin Krasnogorov has written novellas, short stories, and essays. His biography is included in the Marquis Who’s Who in the World (USA), the International Who’s Who of Intellectuals (Cambridge, England), and other publications. One Passion and Four Walls, Krasnogorov’s book on the essence of drama, has earned praise from notable figures in the theater. He is also the founder and first president of the Dramatists Guild of St. Petersburg.

The Cruel Lesson was first produced by the Moscow Theater of Modern Drama, Moscow, Ru., in March, 2012.

Shave ’em Dry by JG Simmons

Drama/ 1 Woman, 5 Men, and 1 character who could be male, female, or nonbinary/ Full Length, Two Acts

Synopsis: Based on real people and real events, Shave ‘em Dry is about liberty and libertinage, copyright and copulation, and human rights in the flesh. In 1935, Blues singer Lucille Bogan arrives for a recording session in a Manhattan studio, accompanied by Spenser, a white man she met the night before. Egged on by her piano player, Walter, she confronts her producer about the terms of her contract, and spontaneously introduces Spenser as her manager. He’s as surprised as the producer.

Alone in the control room later, the producer and his engineer discuss Lucille’s demands and her prior offer to record a version of her song “Shave ’em Dry” in its bluest, dirtiest version. Joined by a promoter of illegal “party songs,” they decide to negotiate with her by insisting she “wax” it at the end of the session.

Meantime, it turns out Spenser was more than a little shocked when Lillian exposed him to the seedier side of life the night before. At the same time, he reveals his own dark background, as a soldier in the Jewish brigade in Palestine during World War I. As more truth is uncovered, we learn he has been fired from his job as an English professor because of an affair with a student, and is destitute. He had gone to Harlem to buy a gun to kill himself with, when he met Lucille.

Spenser clings to courtly ideals learned from the chivalric tales he once taught, but Lillian will have none of it. In Mississippi, she tells him, white people were always talking about knighthood and such, but all she saw as a young girl was vicious hypocrisy and violence. Mortified by her story of the lynching of Luther Hobart and his wife, Spenser literally genuflects before her. Lillian takes advantage of his sudden allegiance to restore him mentally and physically, by entrusting him to negotiate the terms for “Shave ’em Dry.”

He succeeds. And in the late afternoon, 5 March 1935, Lucille and Walter create what is known in the dusty files of the American Record Corporation as “Alternate Take One” – the most graphically sexual and uncompromising blues song ever recorded, and perhaps the last by this taboo-defying artist who has been called, along with Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith, one of “the big three of the blues.”

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Contact Information:
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John Galbraith Simmons
Phone: (718) 524-6345
Playwright’s website:

About the Playwright: John Galbraith Simmons has broad range and versatility as a writer. He is the author of four published novels, including the well-received The Sharing. He has also written several works of nonfiction, including The Scientific 100, a work in the history of science that has been translated into more than a dozen languages. His work in television includes episodes of “Tracker” (Lion’s Gate Entertainment); “Queen of Swords” (Fireworks/M6);” Poltergeist: The Legacy” (MGM/Showtime); and “Highlander: The Raven” (PanzerDavis/Gaumont). His feature-length screenplay Nobody’s Business was a runner-up for the Herbert Beigel Screenplay Award. Shave ‘em Dry! draws on his long experience with black music and the blues. Simmons studied philosophy at Northwestern University, graduating with honors, and he is also a graduate of Long Island University. He is a member of the Authors Guild, the National Association of Science Writers, the New York Academy of Sciences, the Writers Guild of America, and the Writers Guild of Canada. He lives in New York and Paris.

Shave ’em Dry was first presented at the Gershwin Hotel, New York, NY in Jan., 2007.

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