Atomic Field by Kenneth Robbins

Drama/ 4 characters, 2 Men, 2 Women/ Full Length, Two Acts

Howard is an irascible and stubborn WWII veteran. He’s also dying. When his college-professor son, Winston, returns home for a visit, the truth about his wartime service begins to emerge. Is it really smoking that’s caused Howard’s lung cancer? Or does it have something to do with his company’s visit to Nagasaki just weeks after it was devastated by an atomic bomb?

And why did Howard remain in the military for so long after the war ended — years that, even now, he won’t talk about? With searing theatricality and emotion, Atomic Field explores the lingering effects of war on one family.

Character and production notes

Winner of the 1996 Charles Getchell New Play Award presented by the Southeastern Theatre Conference.

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About the Playwright: Kenneth Robbins is the author of four published novels and 21 published plays, as well as four collections of literary works. His work has received the Toni Morrison Prize for Fiction, the Associated Writing Programs Novel Award, the Charles Getchell Award, and a Corporation for Public Broadcasting Award, among others.His works for the stage have been produced by the New Works Theatre, Dallas Theater Center, Nashville Academy Theatre, Theatre Atlanta Off Peachtree, and the Project Arts Center, Dublin, Ireland. His radio play, Dynamite Hill, was aired over National Public Radio and BBC Radio 3.

Atomic Field was first produced by World Premiere Theatre in Eureka, California. It has also been produced by KSEC (Kensai Seinen Engeki Centre) in Tokyo, Japan, in a Japanese translation by Akira Wakabayashi.