A Singular Man by Julia Britton

Drama/ 1 Character, 1 Man/ One act

Synopsis: English writer Christopher Isherwood relives and reviews his life at Cambridge University and in Nazi Germany, where he wrote the famous Berlin Stories (on which John Van Druten based his play I am a Camera and from which came the musical and film Cabaret). He is still suffering from the loss of his young German lover, Heinz, whom he failed to rescue from the Nazi authorities.

Also available in a full-length version as The Lost.

“Fascinating and brilliantly perceptive theatre.” – Jeff Jones, Stage Whispers

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About the Playwright: Julia Britton graduated at Manchester University (Hons, Classics, Hons. English) and worked as a journalist and university teacher before she became a playwright. Her plays have had productions at La Mama Theatre, St. Martin’s Theatre, Griffin Theatre, The Stage Company (Adelaide), The Blue Room (Perth), Performing Arts Productions (Melbourne), Theatreworks (Melbourne) with workshops at Playbox Theatre, Budgie Lung (Adelaide) and playreadings at The State Theatre of South Australia, (The Man Who Loved Furs with Geoffrey Rush) and Melbourne Arts Centre (Miles Franklin and the Rainbow’s End) in conjunction with The Golden Summers Exhibition (Westpac Gallery), Melbourne Theatre Company (Listening to Shells directed by Ron Rogers) and the South Australian Writer’s Theatre. Her play Miles Franklin and the Rainbow’s End was chosen for performance at the San Antonio Festival, Texas, produced by The Stage Company of South Australia and also performed at the Festival Centre, Adelaide. Recently, it was also performed at the Blue Room, Perth Festival and Theatreworks.

She has written and adapted numerous plays for Performing Arts Productions including: Lady Chatterley’s Lover (seven seasons nationally in Australia), Women in Love (Rippon Lea) Loving Friends (two seasons at Rippon Lea), An Indian Summer (Rippon Lea), I’ve Danced with a Girl who Danced with the Prince of Wales (Rippon Lea), Good Morning Midnight! (La Mama), Sunset Children (La Mama), Little Lord Fauntleroy (Rippon Lea), Seven Little Australians (Rippon Lea), The Singing Forest (Theatreworks), The Secret Garden (seven seasons including Adelaide), Anne of Green Gables (two seasons in Perth and Melbourne), The Yellow Book (Mietta’s), Perks (Mietta’s), The White Rose and the Blue (Melbourne Town Hall), The Lost (two seasons in Melbourne at the Old Treasury Building and The Hong Kong Fringe Festival).

She was nominated for a Victorian Green Room Award in 1995 for In Transit. Other plays include: Hello, Last Page of My Life (reading at La Mama), Magdalena Amati (reading at La Mama), Somehow the Times Passes (reading La Mama), The Children, The Professor (reading at Rippon Lea), The Purple Kangaroo(reading La Mama), Snake!, A Cloudless Sky (reading at La Mama and Alice Springs), Erotica in Black and White (reading Adelaide, Theatre 62, short version performed in Adelaide at Lion Theatre), The Man Who Loved Furs (reading at La Mama), Internet Baby, (reading at La Mama), Mrs. Bloem (reading at Griffin Theatre), Two Sisters and Rose.

Her music theatre includes: Faith, Folk and Fun (at the National Gallery of Victoria) and The Music of Milhaud (two seasons at the University of Adelaide and the National University Canberra). Robbie Burns: The Farmer Poet and The Young Lord Byron was produced at the Scottish Festival at the Opera House, Omaru in New Zealand. Awards and Nominations include the AWGIE Award (Monte Miller Award) for Exit and Entrances, directed John Edwards; radio: Best Play Award, ABC Queensland; Nomination, Victorian Green Room Award for In Transit.

A Singular Man was first performed at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in Melbourne, Australia on September 25th, 1996.

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