Veronica Cory by Josepha Gutelius

Comedy-Thriller/ 3 Men, 4 Women/ Full Length, Two Acts

Synopsis: Veronica Cory is the young widow of a man who was killed in a bomb explosion two years ago. Or was he killed? An obsessed FBI agent is hell-bent on using Veronica as a pawn to capture the ringleader of an international terrorist network, and who may or may not be Veronica’s husband.

“A thought-provoking, deeply moving play. Veronica is, in her zany, rock-chic way, a contemporary heroine — pitted against the frightening and ridiculous, and events that leave the audience gasping.”
Woodstock Times

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Josepha Gutelius
122 Burt St.
Saugerties, NY
USA 12477
Ph.: (845) 246-4058
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About the Playwright:¬†Josepha Gutelius’s other plays include The Age of Anxiety, RASP, Spooking Herald, Is It June Where You Are?, Desperate Alien, and Miracle Mile, as well as the short playsTwo Hands, Vaseline, and Atomica World Machine.

Veronica Cory was first produced at the 18th Street Playhouse, New York City in 1984.