Jim Reyland
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Belcourt Theatre, Nashville

Drama/ 2 Characters, 2 Men/ Full Length, Two acts

Synopsis (from The Tennessean [Nashville]): "Two former Army buddies are hired to clear out the, well, stuff that has accumulated on the stage of an old vaudeville theater.

"As the evening progresses, the audience discovers that there's a violent and, until now, unspoken history shared by the two men. Years earlier. Milton, a gay man, was the victim of a savage beating that he suspects his friend of having failed to prevent -- or worse."

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"Entertaining, fast-paced and emotionally fearless"
- The Tennessean (Nashville)

Performance rights must be secured before production

Contact information:
Amateur and professional rights:
Jim Reyland
1102 17th Avenue South
Nashville, Tennessee
USA 37212
Ph.: 1-800-726-3612

About the Playwright: Jim Reyland is the writer of many poems and seven one acts. He studied English at a small liberal arts college in North Carolina, hosted a national radio talk show, and for the past seventeen years has owned a recording studio/production company, Audio Productions on Music Row in Nashville.

His writing career began with thirty-second commercials and evolved to longer form network radio shows. Jim has written hundreds of programs for top country and pop artist like Garth, Vince, Reba, Hootie, and Creed.

Stuff was first produced by b. scott productions at the Belcourt Theatre, Nashville, Tennessee in March 1999.

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