Small’s World by John Chambers

Drama/ 2 Characters, 1 Man, 1 Woman/ One Act, 30 minutes

Synopsis: Jamie has a secret fixation, and every Tuesday evening he amuses this fetish by wearing his mother’s skimpiest undergarments. He presses “play” and dances his way into another world, a happier world. Every week he looks forward to his one-man party, but one evening his mother comes home early and finds her son in mid-enjoyment. She is less than pleased.

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John Chambers

About the Playwright: John has had some 40 plays premiered in his native North West of England — ranging from a Number One tour to fringe. He has written for most Reps in the region and was Arts Council Resident Dramatist at Manchester LTC and Resident Writer at M6 Theatre. His plays have subsequently been performed around the UK and as far afield as Australia and the US. He’s also written over a hundred hours of TV drama, as well as plays for radio.

Small’s World was first presented by the Real Life Theatre Company, Manchester, in March 2009